The magic of LPRkloud is how it automates the creation and status management of LPR assignments across multiple LPR service providers. The result is substantial time and cost savings for your company.

By hosting recovery data in the secure LPRkloud, assignment creation and status updates are automated across multiple LPR service providers. If an assignment is updated, LPRkloud automatically and securely updates the assignment across all vendors in real time, or removes it entirely from the system if the assignment is closed or recovered. Instead of you having to constantly monitor your LPR assignments manually for status updates and recoveries from multiple service providers, LPRkloud magically does it all for you.

Key Product Features:

  • Automated assignment placement for one or multiple LPR Vendors
  • No manual LPR assignment placement
  • No manual LPR assignment management
  • Automated assignment status management across all related LPR assignments
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing your LPR assignment statuses are managed properly